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What Is A Salmon Run? Explained

April 14, 2023

What Is A Salmon Run? Explained A salmon run is an annual event where salmon jump up rivers to spawn their offspring. These fish are a major part of the Pacific ecosystem and are important food sources for a number of wildlife species, including bears, eagles, and wolves. You might see this event the next time you’re out on a fishing charter in Alaska! What Is A Salmon Run? After spending most of their lives in the ocean, juvenile salmon return to freshwater to spawn. They can travel great distances and cross international borders to do so. The timing of... View Article

The Salmon Run and Why You Need to See It

April 28, 2022

Salmon is one of the healthiest fish to eat and a mainstay on restaurant menus. However, many people do not realize that they can also witness these amazing creatures in their natural habitat during the salmon run. Whether or not you like to fish, you most likely have heard something about the salmon run at some point. Let’s discuss what it is and why you should see one. What Is The Salmon Run? This natural event is when salmon, which are anadromous fish, return to their freshwater birthplace to breed. The journey is grueling, and many do not survive, but it... View Article

When Does King Salmon Run in Talkeetna, AK?

May 7, 2019

Are you hoping to catch some king salmon this season? Experienced fishermen know that they must time their trips right to catch the king. Since various salmon species are found in different water bodies throughout the year, it’s important to arrive when the fish do, if you expect to haul any away during your Alaskan fishing charter. If you plan to visit Talkeetna, AK and hope to find king salmon in the river, you should plan your trip for mid-June through season closure in mid-July. This is when the King salmon run in Talkeetna, AK. What else do you need... View Article

Alaskan Salmon: How Much Do You Know?

August 15, 2016

Alaskan fishing trips are an unforgettable experience at any age, especially when you go with a knowledgeable charter company. There’s nothing like spending time out on the water, taking in the breathtaking nature around you, and having the satisfaction of catching your own salmon along the way. If you’re going on a salmon expedition, you should know a bit about the catch you’re after. So how much do you know about Alaskan salmon? Read on to learn more. They share a family Salmon is the common name for ray-finned fish that are part of the Salmonidae family. Also included in... View Article

Last Call for Peak Salmon Season!

October 1, 2014

Calling all fishermen! If you’re looking to book a fishing trip to Alaska this season, you better act fast, as the peak salmon season is coming to a close. Peak salmon fishing season in Alaska is May through October and since Alaska is the ninth largest seafood-producing region in the entire world, fishing here will definitely be a success during the season. Not only does the prime fishing season bring loads of delicious salmon to the area, it also happens to bring the nicest weather of the year. Now, although you can find salmon all throughout the fishing season, it... View Article

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