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Fish Cleaning 101

July 9, 2019

You’ve purchased all the right gear. You’ve researched the best casting methods. You’ve scheduled a trip with a fishing charter in Alaska. Are all your bases covered? Just one thing remains: do you know what to do with the fish after you’ve caught it? Are you able to prepare a delicious meal from the bounty of your fishing efforts? Use the following overview to learn how to clean and consume your catch. The Supplies To properly clean a fish, you need three things. The toughest of the three to obtain is the fish itself. Once you’ve succeeded at reeling one... View Article

Tips for Catching the Most Bass

June 25, 2019

Are you hoping to bring home your best bass catch yet? What fishing enthusiast isn’t? But what’s the secret to a successful day on the water? Fishing for bass offers some unique challenges as well as some intriguing methods. Whether you’re booking a fishing charter in Alaska or heading out on your own private excursion, use the following tips to improve your success rate with these elusive fish. Use Wounded Bait Is your plastic worm shredded from use? Don’t throw it away—it’s now perfect for bass fishing. Bass prefer to ambush prey that is wounded, so a worm that is... View Article

Is Swimming in Lakes and Rivers Safe Anymore?

June 27, 2018

There are few things more refreshing than taking a relaxing dip into a freshwater stream, river or lake. Especially in the heat of summer, diving into your favorite local body of water is an excellent way to cool down and relax. Before you jump in, however, you may be wondering whether or not it’s safe to enter a wild, untamed body of freshwater. Concerns about currents, pollution and wildlife often deter people from swimming in natural bodies of water, like streams and lakes. Thankfully, it’s perfectly safe to swim in most bodies of fresh water. Even if a body of... View Article

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Closes King Salmon Fishing

March 28, 2018

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) regulates how much and how often commercial and recreational fishers can harvest from the Last Frontier’s rich natural bounty. This means that occasionally, fishing some of the state’s most popular catches is off-limits. King (or Chinook) salmon season usually runs from May through September, although ADFG may close the season some years to protect native salmon populations. If this is the case, there’s no need to despair! You can still test your sportsman skills and catch a delicious fish out on the open water. You should consult with an expert in Alaskan... View Article

Discover These Native Fish on Your Next Alaskan Fishing Charter

February 23, 2018

Each region of the world offers its own unique discoveries. In Alaska, locals and visitors enjoy a host of fish native to the area. Some of these species are not found elsewhere in the world. Others are found in various parts of the world, but are found in greater abundance here. Learn more about them and discover them in person on your next Alaskan fishing charter. Following is a quick guide to some of the main varieties of fish you can expect to see in Alaska. Use this to make a list of fish you’d like to see, catch, raise... View Article

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