Dressing for Success: How to Keep Warm on Your Fishing Charter

Dressing for Success: How to Keep Warm on Your Fishing Charter

February 17, 2022

Fishing charters are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and bring home a great catch—but there’s more to success than the right bait and the right fishing hole. You want to be comfortable and warm while you enjoy fishing charters.

Here are some key tips on how to stay warm while you create memories for a lifetime:

  • Layers: For fishing charters, layers are your friend. Start with long johns, but choose them carefully. Since you’ll be wearing several layers, you don’t want these to be too thick. Go for thinner long-sleeved long underwear so they are less bulky and provide more comfort while you fish.
  • Socks: The rule of layers applies to your feet, too. Start with a thin wool sock, and cover it with a thicker wool sock. This will provide comfort and warmth under your fishing-appropriate boots. And speaking of boots…
  • Boots: Choose the right type of footwear based on your fishing style. Will you be fishing from the boat or wading in the water? If you’ll be on the boat, wear insulated boots rather than waders. For wading, choose boot foot waders to allow for better circulation around your feet (which helps keep your feet warm). Also, avoid felt soles since these attract snow buildup. Choose rubber soles instead.
  • Pants: For cold weather, put on a pair of wool pants. For below-freezing conditions, consider puff pants or fleece pants. Keep in mind that wool and down are the best insulating materials.
  • Torso: Over your base layers, choose a wool, zip-front hoody. For this and other articles, choose black since this color is best for absorbing and retaining heat.
  • Exterior shell: Your outer layer needs to protect you from wind and moisture. Choose a bib/jacket combo that offers wind and rain protection. It’s okay if it doesn’t offer much insulation since you’ve covered that with your other layers.
  • Head: Choose a hat that provides a sun shield as well as warmth for your ears. You may also want to wear a gator around your neck for additional warmth. This can also be pulled up over your nose if needed.
  • Hands: Gloves can be tricky because you want to be able to grip gear and other items you need to use on fishing charters; however, you must also protect your fingers from frostbite. Try fingerless gloves with a pair of mittens that can be put on over the gloves during breaks. Also, keep a towel handy to dry your hands when they get wet. Lastly, avoid fingerless gloves with a flap. The flap tends to interfere with your fishing line.

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