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Timing Salmon Fishing Trips in Alaska

January 15, 2016

Now is not the best time for salmon fishing trips in Alaska, but it is the beginning of a new year and the perfect time to start planning. The time to plan an epic fishing adventure is not after the seasons expire—it is right now, before the best times begin. Avoid disappointment and make solid plans by starting with this overview on the best times to fish in Alaska. General fishing seasons There is always something to catch any time of year in Alaska. However, particular seasons and weather conditions will make the trip more fruitful at some times than... View Article

Preparing Your Alaskan Fishing Trip Catch

January 1, 2016

If you visit us in the summer months for your Alaskan fishing trip, you will likely have salmon filets to spare. Even if you only catch a couple large fish, it is likely you may feel overwhelmed figuring out how to cook them. Here are seven salmon preparation ideas to get you started on your savory quarry: Get it smoked: One of your easiest options is to have a game processor smoke your catch. Not only does it taste good on its own or with crackers and cream cheese, but it makes the meat easier to get home. Seal it... View Article

Tips on How to Reel in a Catch on Your Alaskan Fishing Expedition

December 15, 2015

Planning an Alaskan fishing expedition is one of those monumental treasures in life if you’re an avid angler. From picking the dates to planning the flights, to finally touching down in America’s 49th state and claiming your spot on the fishing boat, every moment is exciting… but there’s no more exciting moment than when you feel a tug on your line. It’s indescribable. If you’re a seasoned fisherman, you know there’s no guarantee of a bite, however, which can mean some trepidation when you hit the water. What happens if the runs are slow that day? Are you using the... View Article

Now is the Time to Plan Your Alaskan Fishing Trip!

December 1, 2015

When it comes to salmon fishing, the winter season isn’t going to herald much success. Generally, the most prolific salmon runs for all of the popular species tends to take place between May and October—this is when you’ll find the Kings, Reds, Silvers, Chums and Pinks surging through the runs en masse. From November through March-April, however, it can be slim pickin’s, even for the best of the best anglers. The season just isn’t right! Just because the salmon aren’t swimming during the winter season doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about an Alaskan fishing trip, however! In fact, this... View Article

Best Practices for Salmon Fishing Trips in Alaska

November 15, 2015

There is still a little time left for successful salmon fishing trips in Alaska this year. Prime season starts again in May, but if you do not want to wait that long, you need good tips to make a big catch before the peak times end. This overview will address the best practices for catching salmon, whether you wish to make an attempt this winter or try again next year. Ideal time to fish Peak fishing times depend on the species of salmon you seek. Generally, the best season runs from May through September, with some types being available as... View Article