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What to Bring and How to Prepare for Springtime Fishing Excursions in Alaska

April 1, 2016

Maybe you’re an experienced fisherman who knows the ins and outs of fishing, just not specifically in Alaska, or perhaps you have a group of novice fishing friends and family who want to go on a springtime fishing tour in Alaska. To make things a little easier, have you considered letting Phantom Tri-River Charters take the reins? Here’s a closer look at what you should bring and how to prepare for springtime fishing excursions in Alaska. Things to bring Once you’ve received confirmation of your trip, double check that you’re equipped with the essentials. We’ll provide the fishing gear, which... View Article

Safety Precautions: Pay Attention to Weather and Nature During Fishing Excursions in Alaska

March 15, 2016

Peace and quiet is an enjoyable pastime, and a luxury for most of us these days. So why not plan a getaway to someplace peaceful, yet filled with excitement courtesy of the great outdoors? If this sounds like a dream come true, then consider what a place like Alaska can provide you. Offering things like nature adventures, from animal watching to fishing trips, Alaska can also provide a much needed opportunity to reset your state of mind. Since you may not be familiar with all that the wild of Alaska has to offer, there are important safety precautions you must... View Article

Seven Most Common Types of Fish You Can Catch on an Alaskan Fishing Trip

March 1, 2016

Whether you’re a novice fisherman or a seasoned angler, being up to speed on what species of fish you can fish for, and where, is good to know. This is not only true where your frying pan is concerned, either, as often times there are state or county regulations as to which species are protected—either with “no fishing” areas or catch and release restrictions—or in season for reeling in. When planning your Alaskan fishing trip, it’s a good idea to do some fish-related research in advance. With that in mind, here are seven species of fish found in Alaskan waters.... View Article

The Native Culture Around Your Alaskan Fishing Trip

February 15, 2016

Alaska is not just a great place for an epic fishing trip. Before it was a Russian territory or an American state, it was home to 11 different native cultures. Each has its own language, with 22 different dialects among them. People who have never been to Alaska may think of native culture as being all about igloos and ice fishing, but the cultural elements go way beyond common impressions. Here is an overview of native cultures that may encourage you to explore them further. Many diverse tribes The different tribes are divided into five distinct territorial groups: the Athabascan... View Article

Four Salmon Conservation Measures to Assure Future Fishing Tours in Alaska

February 2, 2016

There is no doubt that Alaska has a prized resource in its king salmon. Without careful regulation and monitoring, there easily could be no salmon left for future fishing tours in Alaska, which would result in tragic consequences. That is why the state and many anglers take precautions to avoid overfishing the rivers and oceans of this vast state. Here are four ways that show how Alaska conserves its salmon population: Fishing licenses: Requiring a fishing license mainly tracks the number of anglers using resources. It gives regulatory agencies a means to check fish populations against the number of anglers,... View Article