Facts You May Not Know About the King Salmon

Facts You May Not Know About the King Salmon

March 3, 2022

How many king salmon facts do you know? This fish is common in Alaska, so if you visit or live in The Last Frontier, you will likely see, catch or eat a king salmon at some point—but you may not realize all of the interesting facts there are to know about this fish.

Here’s the scoop on this Alaskan resident so you can be prepared for success during your next fishing charter.

What is king salmon?

King salmon, also known as Chinook salmon, is a fish species from the Salmonidae family.

King salmon’s habitat

King salmon lay eggs in freshwater. Once they hatch, the salmon live in streams and creeks and then move downstream to larger ponds or rivers. As adults, they live in the ocean and then return to freshwater to spawn.

How long king salmon live

These fish have a short life cycle. Their average lifespan varies from three to seven years.

What king salmon look like

The appearance of king salmon changes while they are spawning. They have silver scales with hints of blue-green, and they have black coloring around their mouths. When spawning, their scales become darker and they have a reddish hue.

How big king salmon are

As their name suggests, king salmon are the largest species of salmon. They usually grow to be between 24 and 58 inches long. They can weigh between 10 and 50 pounds.

What king salmon eat

King salmon are carnivores. While in freshwater, king salmon eat plankton and small insects. While in the ocean, they may eat small crustaceans, squid or herring.

Which king salmon makes the best catch

For the best tasting salmon, go for immature king salmon living near the shore in saltwater.

Are king salmon dangerous?

If you’re going to try to catch king salmon, one of the most important king salmon facts you should know is that they are not dangerous; however, they will bite, so you should be careful when fishing for king salmon. These fish carry bacteria that can cause sickness in humans.

How to catch king salmon

To catch king salmon, use anchovies for bait. Look for flocks of diving seabirds to find a good spot to fish for king salmon. As you fish, keep your bait moving in the water. Once you get a nibble, slowly reel in your line. If the salmon fights you, keep a grip on your pole and let the king salmon wear itself out.

For best results when fishing for king salmon, consider a fishing charter. Experts can take you to the best spots, provide the right equipment and help you have a successful fishing outing.

Learn more

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