A Beginner's Guide to Booking a Fishing Tour

A Beginner’s Guide to Booking a Fishing Tour

November 29, 2021

Fishing tours are an excellent way to experience Alaska’s wilderness. Whether you’ve visited before or you want to hit all the highlights on your first trip, there’s nothing like hitting the water in the hopes of finding a great catch.

When you’ve never tried a fishing tour before, look for companies who offer beginner fishing tours. You’ll be grouped with other novices, and your guides will be prepared to help you with everything from technique to choosing bait.

Read on for a brief guide to booking a beginner fishing tour.

Find the right trip

The right fishing tour will be different for everyone. Some people just want to get out on the water and experience the scenery—catching fish is just a bonus. Others may prefer to single-handedly turn their freezer into a fishmonger’s paradise. Consider how much time you want to spend on the water, how far you want to travel and how hands-on you’d like to be when it comes to the actual fishing process.

After you’ve come up with the basic parameters, start calling fishing tour companies. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and whether or not the tour company can accommodate you. If you decide to book the trip, your guides will also benefit from knowing your desires and goals.

What to bring along

Once you’ve booked the trip, it’s time to pack! No matter what the season, you will need:

  • Sturdy, rubber-soled shoes: These will help prevent slipping and falling when you’re on the boat, which (naturally) can get wet and slippery.
  • Polarized sunglasses: Polarized sunglasses help cut down on glare, which makes it much easier to spot fish when they’re swimming near the surface.
  • Layered clothing: Layers are your key to comfort. Alaska’s temperatures can vary dramatically in one day, especially when you’re out on the water. Make sure you have plenty of wind protection.
  • Food and storage: Plan to bring a backpack and plenty of Ziploc bags. The bags are to protect your valuables (like your wallet and phone) from water damage. Consider also bringing a small cooler for snacks and drinks and a larger one if you plan to bring home fish.
  • Drinking water: Your tour may provide water, but it’s a good idea to bring more. Staying hydrated and comfortable outside is the key to enjoying your trip.
  • Sunscreen: No matter what time of year you book your fishing tour, make sure you bring, wear and frequently reapply sunscreen.
  • Medications: Finally, consider bringing Dramamine (for seasickness) and any other medications you may need to take while you’re on board. Even if you’ve never gotten seasick before, it’s best to be prepared.

Preparing for your beginner fishing tour will help you enjoy the whole day. When you book your trip, don’t hesitate to ask your guides if they have any location or trip-specific tips.

Phantom Tri-River Charters offers a variety of fishing trips throughout Alaska. Call us today to make inquiries or book your first fishing trip.

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