Fun Things to Do in the Alaskan Winter, When Fishing is Hard to Come By

Fun Things to Do in the Alaskan Winter, When Fishing is Hard to Come By

October 20, 2020

Alaska is full of great fishing, and there are plenty of charter fishing boat tours to try when you visit the state. However, fishing is a warm weather activity. Fish are cold-blooded, so when the winter temperatures set in, the fish move deeper. They tend to be lethargic as their metabolism slows down—they don’t need to eat as much, making them harder to catch with bait and lures.

Of course, it’s still possible to catch fish in the winter. However, there are plenty of other fun things to do in Alaska during the winter when the fish aren’t biting. Here are 10 of our favorite activities.

  1. Cross-country or downhill skiing. With soaring mountain ranges and no shortage of snow, Alaska offers plenty of cross-country and downhill skiing opportunities at affordable prices. Whatever your skill level, there are trails, guides and instructors who will help you get the most out of this wintertime activity.
  2. Dog sledding. If you’re in Alaska during the winter, don’t miss the opportunity to try a dog sledding expedition. You’ll be pulled across the snow by a team of dogs, guided by experienced Iditarod mushers who will teach you everything you need to know about the sport.
  3. Flightseeing. There’s plenty to see from the ground, but seeing Alaska’s natural wonders from the sky is a special treat. Helicopter and small plane tours will take you over forests, glaciers, mountains and more.
  4. Ice fishing. Regular fishing might be harder in the winter, but if you don’t mind the cold—and have a lot of patience—there are opportunities for ice fishing with experienced guides.
  5. Ice skating. There’s nothing like ice skating outdoors, against Alaska’s stunning natural backdrop. Ice skating opportunities abound here in the winter, including on our many frozen lakes. Explore the scenery on your skates for a unique experience.
  6. Scenic drives. If you’d prefer to stay in the warmth of your car, there are plenty of scenic drives to enjoy—just check the weather reports to make sure that the roads are open first.
  7. See the Northern Lights. When you’re this far north in the winter, going home without seeing the Northern Lights would be a crime. Many companies offer Northern Lights getaways, including dog sledding and hot springs opportunities.
  8. Sightseeing boat tours. As long as the lakes and rivers aren’t frozen yet, sightseeing boat tours are a great way to enjoy the Alaskan wilderness from a unique perspective.
  9. Snowmobile tours. If a boat tour won’t work out, a snowmobile tour can also be a fun way to experience Alaska—you’ll get to go places that cars and other vehicles can’t access to see wildlife and other natural wonders.
  10. Ziplining. One last way to enjoy Alaska’s outdoor offerings: zipline through the forest for a thrilling new experience!

Phantom Tri-River Charters offers the best fishing adventures around. Book your next Alaskan fishing trip today. And, while you’re here, try some of these other fun things to do in Alaska in the winter.

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