Do Polarized Glasses Help with Fishing?

Do Polarized Glasses Help with Fishing?

August 20, 2020

Fishermen are always looking for new gear and techniques to improve their success and help them catch the biggest and best fish out there. One type of gear that’s increasingly popular among anglers is polarized glasses. Polarized glasses in Alaska are used to protect the wearer’s vision and reduce glare. If you’re thinking about getting polarized glasses for fishing in Alaska, it’s a good idea to learn more about this product and whether it’s worth the investment.

What are polarized glasses?

Polarized glasses are glasses that are designed to limit glare. Polarized lenses are treated with a chemical that filters out some light. This filter blocks horizontal light rays, including glare off of ponds, streams and rivers, but lets in vertical light rays, allowing the wearer to clearly see what’s in front of them without experiencing any extra glare. Because of the filtration of polarized lenses, the image that wearers see is typically darker, but it’s also much clearer and less distorted by glare.

Polarized glasses for fishing

Fishermen use polarized glasses in Alaska for angling because they offer a superior view of the water and reduce strain on the eyes. After many hours on the water in sunny weather, many fishermen notice that their eyes feel very strained and tired from squinting. Polarized glasses help ease this strain and provide fishermen with a much better view into the water. This can give anglers an edge when identifying fish and deciding where to cast their line.

Choosing polarized lenses

There are lots of different polarized lenses on the market from different manufacturers, but not all of these products offer the same benefits. Some lenses are darker, with more glare reduction, and others are lighter, with more visual contrast. Darker lenses are the best choice for ocean fishing, where the glare on the water can be very overwhelming and intense on sunny days. While these lenses don’t provide as much contrast and can give fishermen a much darker view of the water, they are also the best option for cutting out glare.

Fishermen who are planning on fishing in lakes, streams or rivers can benefit from lighter polarized lenses. These lenses still offer glare reduction, but they also have more contrast than darker lenses, which makes it easier for fishermen to see what’s in front of them. Lighter polarized lenses won’t be as dark and offer a brighter point of view, which can be very helpful for fisherman in shallower waters, where visibility is crucially important.

Fishing charters in Alaska

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