What Kinds of Freshwater Fish Are Found in Alaska's Rivers?

What Kinds of Freshwater Fish Are Found in Alaska’s Rivers?

February 20, 2020

A fishing trip in Alaska is something that fishers wait for their entire lives, and for good reason—the stunning natural beauty is matched only by the diversity of the fish that call the state’s rivers and streams their own. If you’ve ever wondered what potential fish in Alaska rivers are there for the taking on an Alaska fishing trip, here’s a smattering of the offerings.


If you come to Alaska with the aim of eating whatever you catch—and more power to you!—then you can’t do much better than one of the species of whitefish in Alaska. There are seven types of whitefish in all shapes and sizes. The one thing they have in common is that their taste is uniformly beloved. Even better for fishers, six of the seven known species of whitefish occupy the state’s rivers and streams.


For novice fishers who want to try their hand at catching fish in Alaska’s rivers, there’s herring. These succulent fish school in large groups just off the coast. Pacific herring are common enough that they have been found in the rivers of Alaska, as well.


Northern pike is a carnivorous fish that follows smaller fish around in search of food. In the spring, the larger pike moves into Alaska’s streams and rivers in the hopes of nabbing smaller fish who are migrating to spawn.


Fishers hoping to score a great prize can go on the hunt for one of the various types of salmon in Alaska. The chum, Coho, sockeye, Chinook, Pacific and Atlantic salmon can all be found if you know the right places to hunt.


Okay, technically speaking, trout is a kind of salmon. Still, a real fisher understands that there is no true substitute for seeking out a rainbow trout, a gorgeous fish that can grow up to 27 pounds. Native to the cold-water tributaries that run into the Pacific Ocean, the trout is a freshwater fish in Alaska that any fisher would love to take home.


Few fish are more flavorful and full of health-building nutrients than the cod, which is also one of the most common fish in Alaska. Arctic, Pacific and Saffron cod can all be found by veteran fishers.

These are just a handful of the species that inhabit the vast rivers of Alaska’s wilderness—and you can get to them, too, if you have the right guide.

Stake your claim to Alaska’s fish

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