Bait or Lures: Which Is More Effective?

Bait or Lures: Which Is More Effective?

October 18, 2019

When you’re tromping down to the nearest stream or even driving to a local spot, the time-honored question of whether to use live bait or lures can remain more of a theoretical debate, something you chat about with fellow enthusiasts.

When you’re planning a trip to Alaska, the world’s fishing Mecca, however, it’s time to think seriously about what type of enticement to string on your pole. Are lures effective for fishing? Is live bait a better option? When it comes to the debate over live bait vs. lures in Alaska, here are some tips to help you make the decision.

No easy answer

For starters, it’s essential to understand that no solution is always correct. When it comes to live bait vs. lures in Alaska, the “right” answer will always depend on what type of fish you’re after, what the conditions are, what the locals have to say and maybe a bit of good, old-fashioned luck.

Lures aren’t always the best answer

If you’re the kind of fisher who reads up on the newest techniques and product releases in fishing, then you may be led to believe that artificial lures are the best options day in and day out. That’s not necessarily true.

A basic understanding of the conditions

To figure out which way to lean, it’s helpful to know the weather and water conditions of the spot (or spots) you’ll be visiting.

Live bait is most commonly effective in muddy water, for example, while artificial lures tend to work better in clear water. In colder weather—especially when ice fishing—live bait is king. In warmer weather, however, artificial lures are a fisher’s best friend.

Beginners should try live bait

If you’re starting out in the fishing game, consider kicking things off with live bait. Using live bait teaches you what kinds of bait certain types of fish prefer and when they like to eat it. You might also find that you can pick up a few nuggets of wisdom from the local bait shop when you head in to pick up your bait.

What’s the pest situation?

Some fishing spots are overrun with various types of “nuisance” fish, which aren’t worth your time. In these situations, artificial lures can help you preserve valuable bait when you find yourself overrun by non-target fish.

Want to relax? Go for bait

Live bait is much effective at attracting a more diverse array of fish. Plus, it will do a lot of the work for you—most fishers looking for a nice relaxing time can put their bait on a hook, cast their line and then wait for the fish to come to them.

What’s more, since fish have a tendency to hook themselves on live bait, knowing the exact moment to strike is less critical than when using lures.

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