Do NOT Bring a Banana on a Boat in Alaska

Do NOT Bring a Banana on a Boat in Alaska

August 23, 2019

Bananas are an amazing food. They are full of essential nutrients. They are tasty. They are even fun to peel and eat. They are great as a healthy snack or as an addition to any meal. There’s just one problem with the banana: You should not bring a banana on a boat in Alaska.

Why? Bananas and boats in Alaska don’t mix. Ask a fisherman, and he will tell you it’s true. It’s a long-standing tradition. Here’s the story.

Bananas and Boats in Alaska

The ban on bananas on boats in Alaska traces its roots to a superstition that has been passed down through the generations. In the 1700s, sailboats transporting bananas in the Caribbean had to move quickly to prevent the bananas from spoiling before they reached their destination. As a result, the fishermen on board struggled to catch any fish. Their lack of haul was due to the speed of the boats, not the bananas on board, but the superstition was born. Fishermen began to associate bananas on board boats as bad luck for fishing.

Adding to the superstition was the fact that many of these boats did not make it to their destinations. Again, this was due to factors other than the bananas on board. After all, fishermen of those days didn’t have the equipment we have today. However, fishermen noted that all of the boats that failed to arrive had been carrying bananas, so the superstition stuck. Boatmen blamed the bananas for bad luck, and the tradition that “bananas cause a boat to sink” was born.

Even with the amazing advancement of technology today, this superstition lingers. Boat construction is more solid. GPS guides and safety equipment include precise instruments. Yet, bringing a banana on a boating trip is still a no-no. So please, if you’re going to eat a banana, do so on the shore before you come aboard for your boating trip.

A Second Superstition

Guess what else you’re not supposed to bring on board a boat? Suitcases are also considered bad luck. According to this tradition, if you have items that are stored in a suitcase, you should leave the suitcases on the shore (but bring the items inside them on board). Always choose a duffel bag or other type of bag instead of a suitcase for bringing belongings on a boat. It’s the suitcase itself that is bad luck. The origins of this superstition are less clear. It has simply been passed down through the generations, and no one wants to be the first to break the tradition and see their voyage fail.

Learn More

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