What Type of Fish Can I Expect to Find During a Fishing Trip in Talkeetna, AK?

What Type of Fish Can I Expect to Find During a Fishing Trip in Talkeetna, AK?

April 23, 2019

Alaska is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Visitors from around the world come to this state to experience its unique landscapes and animals. Which interesting creatures can you expect to encounter during a fishing trip in Talkeetna, AK?

Many species await your discovery in the waters of the Talkeetna River. Following are a few of the fish you can watch for on your next journey to this region:

  • Chinook salmon: This is the largest species of Pacific salmon. This fish is also called the king salmon and spring salmon. The chinook name comes from the Chinookan people, who are indigenous to the area. The chinook is highly sought after by fishermen and is also valued for its nutrition.
  • Silver salmon: This species is also known as Coho salmon. The silver name is based on their coloring during their non-spawning phase. At this time, they sport silver sides and dark-blue backs. While spawning, the fish develop dark bellies, dark spots on their backs, bluish-green heads and bright-red sides.
  • Sockeye salmon: Also called red salmon, sockeye salmon are commonly found in the rivers of the Northern Pacific Ocean region. They can grow up to 2 feet 9 inches in length and weigh up to 15 pounds. Interesting fact: Once this fish spawns, its life ends.
  • Chum salmon: The chum salmon is also referred to as the dog salmon. The word “chum” is Chinook for “spotted” or “marked.” The fish is silvery blue-green with spotting in darker shades and a paler belly.
  • Pink salmon: Pink or humpback salmon are the smallest of the Pacific salmon. Despite their name, these fish are bright silver while in the ocean. When they return to their streams, they change to pale gray and yellowish-white.
  • Arctic grayling: This fish is also in the salmon family. It is a freshwater fish found throughout the Arctic and Pacific regions. The fish can grow to 30 inches and weigh up to 8.4 pounds. To recognize this fish, you can look for a number of soft rays along its fin areas and a dark band between its fins.
  • Dolly Varden: The Dolly Varden trout features an olive green or gray back and sides, with white shading on the belly. Its body is also covered in yellow or pink spots. This species makes up a large percentage of Alaskan catches in areas where salmon are less abundant.
  • Rainbow trout: This fish is found in cold-water tributaries. Adults average between one and five pounds in the rivers, but can grow to 20 pounds in lakes. These trout vary in color, but typically sport a reddish stripe from gills to tail.

Find Your Favorite Fish

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