Alaska Department of Fish and Game Closes King Salmon Fishing

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Closes King Salmon Fishing

March 28, 2018

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) regulates how much and how often commercial and recreational fishers can harvest from the Last Frontier’s rich natural bounty. This means that occasionally, fishing some of the state’s most popular catches is off-limits.

King (or Chinook) salmon season usually runs from May through September, although ADFG may close the season some years to protect native salmon populations. If this is the case, there’s no need to despair! You can still test your sportsman skills and catch a delicious fish out on the open water. You should consult with an expert in Alaskan fishing charters before you book your expedition to learn more about the types of fish you may be able to catch while you are out on the open water.

Here are just some of the fish you could encounter during your fishing expedition in Alaska:

  • Rainbow trout: Rainbow trout are a beautiful and delicious salmonid native to the pristine freshwater streams of Alaska. Rainbow trout boasts tasty, delicate flesh that includes a number of health benefits.
  • Dolly Varden: The Dolly Varden is another salmonid found in Alaska’s freshwater streams. This interesting fish has pink flesh that carries characteristics of both trout and salmon. During spawning season, the Dolly Varden sports striking colors.
  • Grayling: The arctic grayling is a member of the salmon family found only in cold, northerly waters. Grayling has flaky white flesh that should be eaten almost immediately after being caught—which is why you’ve probably never found it on any menus.
  • Whitefish: There are three different types of whitefish typically encountered in Alaska. Whitefish are best known for a mild, light flavor that pairs well with citrus. Whitefish are fun and enjoyable to catch.
  • Halibut: One of Alaska’s most famous fishy residents is the noble halibut. What this fish lacks in beauty it makes up for in flavor. Halibut is a favorite for fans of fish and chips because of its light flavor and moist, flaky texture.
  • Sablefish: Sablefish are known for their velvety texture and delicious, delicate meat. Sablefish is a treat that is often compared to sweet butter. After your fishing expedition is complete, you should visit a fish smoker to cure your sablefish.
  • Walleye: This perennial freshwater favorite boasts smooth, light flavors and a delicious meaty texture. Walleye is easy to catch and even easier to prepare.

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