Stay Warm by Packing These Items for Your Winter Alaskan Fishing Trips

Stay Warm by Packing These Items for Your Winter Alaskan Fishing Trips

December 27, 2017

If you know anything about Alaska, you know it can be pretty cold over the winter. But that doesn’t have to put a stop to your upcoming Alaskan fishing trips while you wait for the warmer winter to return in the spring. Dressing right will help keep you warm, comfortable and safe even when the outside temperatures dip below freezing. It’s easy to stay warm and dry during a winter fishing trip to Alaska as long as you follow these four simple tips.

Layering is key

High winds, freezing temperatures and snow storms are all commonplace during an Alaska winter. You can easily be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way by dressing in layers. More specifically, wearing three different layers of clothing will ensure you will never feel too cold or warm:

  • Inner: The inner layer typically is composed of a mid-weight or heavyweight wool base layer. Synthetic materials will also offer the same warmth at a lower price. The inner layer should fit snug on the body and the sleeves should reach the wrist. While one-piece options are available, we recommend investing in a separate top and a good pair of long underwear for convenience.
  • Insulating: The next layer will sit on top of the inner layer. This should be a mid-weight fabric, such as a pile jacket or soft fleece. Generally, the layer should be a bit loose to fit over the base layer.
  • Outer: This one is the most important. The outer layer must be waterproof, as you will be exposed to the waves and rain while fishing on the boat. A down or synthetic down parka will likely be your best bet. Pair it with waterproof snow pants that comfortably fit over your long underwear without being too loose. This combination will be sure to keep you warm when the temperatures dip below zero.


Warm and dry feet are vital. Having cold, wet socks all day can make your trip miserable. Invest in a pair of boots rated at -20 to -40 degrees, and make sure they are waterproof! Pair them with proper socks and toe warmers.


Keep your fingers warm while you reel in a big catch with a combination of mittens over gloves. The mittens will keep your fingers together and trap in the heat more effectively than gloves. Having the layer of gloves underneath will be helpful if you need to slip the mittens off for a photo or to eat.

Hat and balaclava

Keep your head and face warm with this combination. The hat and balaclava should cover both your nose and cheeks. Take special precautions to keep the ears and nose covered, as they could develop frostbite if exposed.

Don’t hesitate to contact Phantom Tri-River Charters if you need any additional guidance about what to pack for your Alaskan fishing trip. Call us today to learn more about our once-in-a-lifetime fishing excursions. We look forward to accompanying you on your next outing and making it a success!

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