What Is the Coldest Place in Alaska?

What Is the Coldest Place in Alaska?

November 22, 2017

Alaska is known for its stunning scenery, rugged mountains, sweeping coastline and intriguing wildlife. It’s also known, however, for its frigid temperatures and frequently harsh conditions! Alaska is home to the United States’ northernmost town, which is consequently the state’s and the nation’s coldest city! If you are visiting with intentions to join a fishing trip in Alaska, you should consider visiting this unique and quaint city!

Utqiaġvik, Alaska, commonly referred to by its former name of Barrow, sits on the northernmost tip of the state, situated on the coast of the Beaufort Sea. The hamlet of roughly 4,000 residents, which lies several hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle, is home to a prominent research base, a community college and a thriving community of indigenous Inupiat Alaskans.

Utqiaġvik’s residents see the sun set at the end of each November, and don’t see it return until the end of January. Winters are bitterly cold, and daylight is incredibly scarce.

While Utqiaġvik does boast the coldest average temperatures in the state, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States belongs to the inland weather station at Jim River. In 1971, the area recorded a temperature of -80 degrees Fahrenheit!

Despite the frigid temperatures associated with Alaska’s winters, there are still a number of fun things tourists can do during the offseason in the Last Frontier state! Here are a just few reasons you should consider taking a winter journey to the nation’s last true wilderness:

  • Skiing: Alaska receives more snow than almost anywhere else in the world—making it an ideal skiing location! Several resorts throughout the state offer ski seasons that last throughout the winter.
  • Visit the North Pole: Near the iconic town of Fairbanks lies a hidden secret—Santa’s workshop! You can visit the idyllic town of North Pole, Alaska, for a fun-filled time that adults and children alike can enjoy.
  • Ice fishing: Just because the lakes are frozen over doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a fishing trip in Alaska! A plethora of ice fishing opportunities exist throughout the state. Reach out to a fishing trip charter provider to learn more.
  • Watch the Iditarod: This iconic test of strength, endurance and sanity runs every year in early March. The race begins in Settler’s Bay and runs to the western tip of the state, in Nome. Covering nearly 1,000 miles, it’s one of the most epic competitions on the globe!
  • See the Northern Lights: The aurora borealis can be viewed from many different parts of the state, depending on solar conditions and the weather. Chances are, if it’s clear during your trip to Alaska, you’ll get to see an aurora!

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