Six Good Reasons to Give the Gift of a Fishing Trip in Alaska This Holiday Season

Six Good Reasons to Give the Gift of a Fishing Trip in Alaska This Holiday Season

December 8, 2016

Gift giving time is near, and if you have not started making your gift list, it’s probably fair to say that you could use some suggestions. Well, the first thing you need to do is know what your loved ones like. For example, if they are the outdoorsy type and are always looking forward to a weekend away in the wilderness, then don’t give them the latest electronic device this Christmas—give them something they can go do. Fishing, nature viewing, boating, family bonding—all of these things are possible when the present you’ve chosen is Alaska itself.

That being said, here are six good reasons to give the gift of a fishing trip in Alaska this holiday season:

  • Gift recipient enjoys fishing trips: Whether you have an avid fisherman or fisherwoman or a seasonal fisher in your life, nothing says happy holidays like the gift of an Alaskan fishing trip. The sights they will see, the species of fish they will catch—it will be an experience they will never forget.
  • Gift recipient wants fresh fish: Do you have a health nut you’re shopping for who only eats fresh, organic foods? Well, what’s more fresh and organic than a beautiful salmon just reeled in from the waters of Alaska? If this person has always wanted to catch and prepare a fish, now is their chance. Catching fish themselves ensures they know exactly where their food came from.
  • Gift recipient can use a vacation: During any given week, too many of us work more hours than we need to. To help your family member avoid a total burnout, set them up on an Alaskan vacation of a lifetime, one that lets them decide what outdoor activities they want to participate in.
  • Gift recipient wants to learn to fish: Even the novice angler on your gift list is worthy of a special trip. Just imagine their face when they find out you’ve booked them a fishing trip in Alaska! In fact, your gift could be just what they needed to turn a hobby into a career or a lifetime passion.
  • Gift recipient wants to visit Alaska: Although is seems like “fish” is a key word in fishing excursions, the truth is that these types of trips are not only for fishermen and fisherwomen. The trip can be used as a time to sit back and enjoy all that Alaska has to offer, like its spectacular views of nature and boat rides out on the open waters.
  • Gift giver sees it as bonding time: If you and your family are in desperate need of some serious bonding time, consider pooling your gift budget into one giant present. You guessed it—gift your family a fishing trip to Alaska! Fishing and wildlife watching are fun activities that you can all enjoy together as a family.

For more information about boarding an Alaskan fishing charter or to book a fishing trip in Alaska as a holiday gift, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Phantom Tri-River Charters. We are happy to answer your questions and help you plan your trip with us!

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