Six Things to Know About Our Fishing Excursions in Alaska

Six Things to Know About Our Fishing Excursions in Alaska

October 24, 2016

A fishing excursion can be one of the most enjoyable vacations you could ever imagine. After going through the minutiae of everyday life, it’s nice to be able to get away for even just a few days. If you enjoy being outside, spending time with your friends and family—and of course catching some of America’s best fish—fishing excursions in Alaska may be the perfect vacation for you! Here are six things it’s important to know about our fishing excursions:

  • Excursions are available year-round: If you’re reading this and thinking, “It’s almost winter—there’s no way Phantom Tri-River Charters is still running fishing excursions,” well, think again! While our salmon trips are only offered from May through November, we operate our fishing excursions year-round. If you’re really into fishing, we recommend doing a fishing excursion at least once during each season. You’ll be amazed at how much Alaska changes throughout the year.
  • Excursions aren’t just for anglers: From a pro fisherman to someone who’s never fished before, we cater to all types of visitors. Obviously someone who really enjoys fishing will get a lot out of the excursion, but so will a newbie. Our helpful guides are fishing experts who will be able to teach you the ropes, so you’ll hopefully be able to reel in some fish! Those who have no interest in fishing will still be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery Alaska offers.
  • You can usually catch and release as many fish as possible: The Alaska Department of Fish and Game imposes strict regulations due to the popularity of fishing in Alaska. For this reason, there are retention limits for the fish you catch. However, once your retention limit is reached for most fish, you can catch and release as many fish as you’d like. The exception is the King Salmon. Once you’ve caught and retained a certain number of King Salmon, you must stop fishing for them.
  • We offer different types of fishing: Whether you’re into spin or fly fishing, we can accommodate you! We provide everything you need for a spin fishing excursion. If you’d like to try your hand at fly fishing, please let us know ahead of time, and we can arrange that for you and your party.
  • You can fish from the bank: Depending on the river conditions, we offer the chance to fish from Alaska’s beautiful river banks. We try to ensure your fishing success, so the type of fish in the river also plays a factor in determining whether or not your party can fish from the bank.
  • You can bring some alcohol: We know that, for many people, fishing and drinking a few beers go hand and hand. However, safety is our highest priority, and as part of our safety protocol, consumption and open containers are not allowed while the boat is moving. Furthermore, we’ve found that drinking hard alcohol tends to become a problem while fishing, so we only allow beer and wine on our vessels.

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