We Have Boats Ready for Your Alaskan Fishing Trip

We Have Boats Ready for Your Alaskan Fishing Trip

June 1, 2016

Your dream of an Alaskan fishing trip can become reality on one of our boats. After taking time to prepare for this spring’s fishing season, we have a couple of boats ready to explore the river and help you secure your next big catch. There is a reason why we are a popular option for experienced and beginning anglers alike. When you fish with Phantom Tri-River Charters, you will enjoy the following luxuries and benefits on our well-appointed boats:

  • Shelter from rain and snow. It may be spring, but precipitation is still a possibility. Weather in Alaska is not always predictable, and rain or a light snow shower is not enough to keep us off the water. For that matter, even heavy, relentless precipitation will not cancel a fishing trip! However, you will not be left to face the elements completely unprotected. All of our boats offer cover in case of rain or snow showers. While we recommend wearing rain gear to keep you dry, you will not be facing a relentless soaking from the elements.
  • Heat available: Days can still become cold, even in the spring. If you leave on one of the early morning excursions, you are nearly guaranteed a cold start. That is why we suggest dressing in layers so you are prepared for whatever the weather has in mind. However, each boat is also heated for ultimate comfort. If you need to stop fishing to warm up, that possibility is well within your reach. There is no reason to compromise your trip by being cold the entire time. This is especially true if any of your clothes happen to get wet.
  • Safe operation: All of our boat captains are well trained to keep you safe so you can fully enjoy your adventure. There is a very slim chance of anything going wrong, but if that happens, you can trust your operator to be prepared. We also know where the best fishing spots are located, so your boat captain will take you where you are most likely to make a good catch.
  • Memories for a lifetime: There are few experiences that add up to an Alaskan fishing trip. The scenery and wildlife can produce awe on their own. Salmon fishing is iconic in Alaska, and participating in it will add just that much more to your trip. Even if you never fish again, you will never forget catching your first salmon on an Alaska river.

It does not matter if you have decades of fishing experience or this is your first attempt. We have equipment and guidance available to make it more likely for you to catch a fish. Our comfortable boats and experienced staff makes this adventure a non-intimidating option for anyone wishing to experience outdoor sports in Alaska.

Phantom Tri-River Charters has boats prepared for your Alaskan fishing trip. Contact us online or call to book a trip. We are also available for walk-ins and will work you into any available spot on our boats.

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