What to Expect on Your Fishing Charter in Alaska

What to Expect on Your Fishing Charter in Alaska

September 15, 2015

Taking a fishing charter in Alaska is the outdoor adventure of a lifetime for many individuals. In addition to catching salmon and other native fish species, the charters offer other opportunities to experience this untamed wilderness. As you set off on one of our boats, here is what else you can expect on your fishing trip:

  • Great scenery: Every fishing route is surrounded by great scenery. When you want to take a break from casting, or if you prefer to enjoy the heated indoors of our boats, there will be plenty of great views. There is a beauty in Alaska that is unlike anywhere else in the United States, so enjoy it while you are here.
  • Wildlife: While out on the river, we will attract visitors. Not other humans, mind you, but bears, bald eagles, caribou and moose. Many of these animals will be merely curious and not pose any danger. Just be aware of and courteous toward them and we will all continue coexisting safely.
  • Varying temperatures: It can be very cold on the river, or it can be over 60 degrees. Despite its reputation as a tundra ice land, Alaska presents a varied climate, and temperatures fluctuate throughout the day. That is why we always recommend you bring rain gear and dress in layers. It is never certain when the warm or cold days will occur until we are actually out on the water.
  • Sun-water glare: Thinking of Alaska as a cold-weather place, many people forget their sunglasses. As the glare from the water can be very intense, this can prove to be an uncomfortable oversight when you are packing. Consider purchasing polarized sunglasses before taking your trip and you will enjoy the fishing and the views without the glare.
  • Best chance to catch a fish: Our charters look to find the best spots where you are most likely to catch fish. We know where the premier salmon swim, and will give you your best chance yet. Our charters can accommodate both fly fishing and spin rods, so just let us know your equipment preference ahead of time.
  • Caring professional staff: We are here to help you create great memories. Our professionals are accredited and Coast Guard licensed. Not only can we guide you to the best catch and give you a tour of scenic beauty, but we also offer a safe trip. We are trained to handle weather and any emergency situations that might arise.
  • Amenities: All our boats are covered and heated so you will not have to endure a full assault from the elements. Guests are also allowed to bring drinks and snacks on board, including beer and wine. However, be aware that you will not be allowed to indulge in adult beverages while the boat is moving.

If you are looking for a fun and successful fishing charter in Alaska, contact Phantom Tri-River Charters. Use our online form or call us to set up your Alaskan adventure.

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