Making the Most of Your Alaskan Fishing Trip: Go At It Alone or Stick with the Group?

Making the Most of Your Alaskan Fishing Trip: Go At It Alone or Stick with the Group?

June 1, 2015

Most individuals who travel to Alaska come back with nothing but positive experiences. Although Alaska might be a popular tourist spot or cruise destination, not many people get the opportunity to go on an Alaskan fishing trip.

It’s important to make the most of the once in a lifetime opportunity and do what you enjoy. Our service offers two types of Alaskan fishing trips: a charter trip or a drop-off trip. A charter trip includes a larger group of people who are taken out to popular fishing places and are taught the best way to catch and reel in a fish. A drop-off trip is self-explanatory. Our services will take you out to a good fishing spot and leave you there for the whole day to fish with whomever you would like.

The decision is up to you. Here are some ideas to think about when making the decision. Let’s say you decide to fish individually:

The Pros

  • It’s a chance for peace and quiet: It’s just you and your thoughts out on the water. You have no interruptions and no distractions. You’re able to sit back, enjoy nature and re-charge your battery.
  • You can fish at your own pace: If you’re a little competitive and you’re on a group trip, it might become more about who caught the most fish. When you’re out there on your own, you have nothing with which to compare your success, so you can take your time and enjoy the process.
  • You can spend time with the people you really want to: You’ll never have the experience of sitting next to a stranger on a group trip. You can pick and choose who will come with you, if anybody.
  • You can experiment: There’s no one on an individual trip to advise you how to catch a fish. You can experiment with different methods without being embarrassed.
  • The fish are bigger and the stories are better with no witnesses: Let’s be honest; it’s true.

The Cons

  • It’s unfamiliar territory: Not fishing in your normal territory might confuse you. Sometimes it’s best to have an expert there to lead you in the right direction and make you more comfortable.
  • There’s no one to help you: Let’s say you catch a big one. There’s no one there to help you reel in a 60-pound king salmon and share in your excitement.
  • You have very little freedom: You’re stuck in that location until someone from the company gets you. In contrast, a group with an expert can head home anytime.
  • You’ll have no one with which to share the memories: Some people’s best childhood memories include fishing. Memories aren’t memories unless you share them with others.
  • There’s no friendly competition: It never hurts to have a little fun and test your skills with others on the trip.

Some people may enjoy company on fishing trips while others don’t. Choose the Alaskan fishing trip that will make you happy.

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