July is the Ultimate Time for a Fishing Trip to Alaska

July is the Ultimate Time for a Fishing Trip to Alaska

May 15, 2015

They say timing is everything and if you’re looking to book a fishing trip to Alaska to fish the last great wilderness, this couldn’t be truer. Not only is travelling to the state at the right time paramount to increase your chances of landing a few prize fish, so is booking, to make sure you have a spot on a reliable, experienced charter!

In case you were wondering, the absolute best time to visit Alaska for some primo fishing is July. Take a look at just a few of the reasons this month trumps all others:

  • The weather is usually at its most stable during July—the spring storms have come and gone, and the weather remains predictable and balmy throughout the month. This makes for fewer weather conditions and a lot more comfort out on the boat.
  • Halibut, King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Red Salmon and the elusive Pink and Chum Salmon are all at their peaks during July! This is the only month that really falls during the summer runs for these fish, so it’s anyone’s guess what you’re going to reel in. But, what you can be sure of is that it’s going to be a hearty, healthy fish!
  • July is in the middle of summer, which often makes it easier for people to get away from work and actually take some time to go on vacation!

Now, with July being the very best time of year to book a fishing trip to Alaska, it’s important that you take the time to plan ahead now! Too many anglers wait until the end of June to book their charter, thinking that it’s as easy as reserving a spot on a boat and nabbing a plane ticket to Alaska—it’s not. In fact, the longer you wait to book, the more people you’ll have to fight for a spot on the boat!

Ideally, April and May are the best times to book your trip, since most people have tax returns coming in during these months. Plus, they’re close enough to July to plan appropriately for a vacation, yet far enough out where you’ll have time to make all the right accommodations. In short, if you haven’t booked your trip yet, make sure you’re getting on it right away or you might have a hard time later on!

Finally, if there’s one great thing about booking an Alaskan fishing trip in July, it’s being able to return home after this amazing experience and head back to your local watering hole, to brag to all of your fishing buddies about your prized catch! There’s nothing quite like sitting on a boat at your local fishing hole, reminiscing about your time spent on Alaska’s waters.

So what are you waiting for? July is right around the corner and fishing charter spots are filling up fast! Reserve your place on a boat, grab your gear, schedule your vacation days and get ready to have the fishing experience of a lifetime!

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