Where is the Best Place for a Springtime Alaskan Fishing Expedition?

Where is the Best Place for a Springtime Alaskan Fishing Expedition?

March 15, 2015

Finding quality fishing in Alaska year-round isn’t exactly a challenge. There’s such an abundance of fish here, and so many truly unique places to visit and explore, that one could live a full life and probably never come close to experiencing all of Alaska’s fishing opportunities. That said, the winters here are brutal, particularly if you aren’t used to the conditions. It’s probably no surprise that we don’t get just a whole lot of out-of-state visitors angling for good fishing trips during the winter.

But thankfully for all of us, this winter is approaching its end. As the days get longer and the ice thaws, the fishing opportunities become much more attractive to everyone. Before the onslaught of summer fishing enthusiasts arrives is actually a great time to schedule an Alaskan fishing expedition. But where is the best place to go fishing in Alaska during the spring?

South central Alaska

We at Phantom Tri-River Charters may be somewhat understandably partial to the south central part of Alaska, but the truth is that the fishing here is spectacular during the spring. With so much water here in the form of lakes and rivers—and of course the ocean to the south—there are countless species of fish to be caught. What’s so great about fishing here during the spring is that the fish are somewhat less discerning about what they eat after the long winter, and you’re more likely to find success when the fish aren’t quite as cautious as they are during the summer.

As we said, there’s a huge variety of fish here. Rainbow trout, lake trout, grayling, Dolly Varden trout and pike are just a few of the fish species you’re likely to encounter in south central Alaska during the spring. But timing is everything, and much depends on temperatures when it comes to the availability of certain types of fish.

Getting your trip scheduled

Being well prepared is the key to having a successful Alaskan fishing expedition. In addition to understanding what to expect from the fishing opportunities, you ought to be familiar with the area in which you’ll be fishing, both for safety and planning purposes and so that you can interact with the native environment in a respectful and responsible manner. Fortunately, there are countless resources for planning a fishing trip in Alaska, and plenty of people willing to do their part to ensure visitors have the best time they can.

Regardless of when and where you’re thinking about doing your Alaskan fishing expedition this spring, it’s best to get the input of experienced Alaskan fishing enthusiasts before making any concrete plans. The team at Phantom Tri-River Charters is happy to assist any anglers thinking of coming up to south central Alaska. Let us know what kind of fishing you’re interested in doing, and we’ll set you up with a package that we’re confident will bring you the excitement, the enjoyment and the fish you’re hoping for. Call us today to begin planning your Alaskan fishing expedition!

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