Not Just Expert Fishermen will Enjoy an Alaskan Fishing Trip!

Not Just Expert Fishermen will Enjoy an Alaskan Fishing Trip!

May 1, 2014

People often think that they’re excluded from a destination fishing trip for one reason or another. Perhaps you’re not the avid angler that your friends are? Maybe it’s been a few years since you’ve dropped a lure and reeled in a photogenic catch? When it comes to booking an Alaskan fishing trip, none of that matters—what does matter is that you’re interested in the sport and you’re ready to have a great time!

Novice fishermen

So you’ve just taken up the hobby of being an angler—hit a few ponds with some friends, reeled in a couple of decent catches and spent your fair share of time on the water. Why should you take an Alaskan fishing trip? For the experience of course!

One of the best things about going on a destination fishing trip is being surrounded by fishermen of all calibers. True, you’re likely to be flanked by great fishermen on either side, but what better way to learn a few secrets and garner a few good tips on how to become the best fisherman you can be? Novice fishermen have as good a time as any on a charter fishing trip—perhaps an even better time, since they also get to experience the thrill of reeling in that one amazing catch that they’ll remember forever.

Budding anglers

Fishing is a bonding experience when you do it with friends and family. That’s exactly the reason so many couples, father-son pairs and best friends book an Alaskan fishing trip. These people come to Alaska with one thing in mind: a vacation that they’ll have memories of for years and years to come. It might not matter to friends if they reel in a prizewinner, what matters is that they have the stories and experiences together.

Adventure seekers

We see this all the time: two people booking a fishing charter—one is a lifelong fisherman, while the other is just on board to take in the scenery. This is a great shared experience for a few different reasons. While one person is reeling in a catch, the other person is there to document it! Or, if you’re the type of couple who want to make sure that every moment is on record, one person can capture the atmosphere of the environment while the other does what they love most: fishing.


You’ve done it all: you’ve fished freshwater and saltwater, ponds and streams, lakes and oceans. What you’re looking for now, is a challenge! And while Phantom Tri-River Charters boasts an astounding catch rate, it’s not the thrill of the catch that you’re challenged by—it’s the thrill of challenging the elements in a place where you’ve never cast your line before. Well, great news: we’re ready for you, challenger!

Come one, come all

If you think an Alaskan fishing trip is just for the pro fishermen or those who have mastered their hobby, think again! We’re looking for anglers of all calibers to join us: we’re ready to help you grow your skill, make some memories and enjoy your time out on the water.

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