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Fishing Essentials Checklist

September 12, 2022

A successful fishing trip is always well planned. No one wants to be caught out in their boat and missing something important. You can use this fishing trip checklist to make sure you are prepared for a great fishing adventure every time. This is also a good list of things to have to start fishing. If you are new to the hobby, you will find this information very helpful. Keep reading to learn more. Why Choose Fishing People are not just necessarily born fishermen. Like any other hobby, fishing is something you might need to try out to discover a love for... View Article

Essential Items to Pack for Your Next Chartered Fishing

March 23, 2022

Are you headed on a chartered fishing trip? If so, you want to ensure that you have the most important items packed ahead of time. This can be a little stressful when you aren’t sure what to pack for a fishing trip. Don’t panic because we’re here to help with a list of fishing charter essentials. Also, you probably have most, if not all, of these essentials already! Clothing Don’t assume that because you are traveling to an exceedingly warm destination you don’t need to take a few layers of clothing with you. Even these warm destinations can experience a... View Article

Tips for Taking Great Photos on Your Next Fishing Adventure

September 16, 2021

No fishing trip is complete without at least taking a few shots of the fish you catch or the beautiful scenery surrounding your journey on the water. Unfortunately, many amateur photographers don’t take the best shots, leading to less-than-stellar Instagram posts or pictures on the mantel. We’re not just fishing experts at Phantom Tri-River Charters—we know a thing or two about taking some great fishing photos, too! Continue reading to learn how to take good pictures during a fishing trip. Take photos with the sun behind you Sunlight can be your number one enemy when you’re trying to take a... View Article

What to Know Before You Go Fishing with Kids

April 20, 2021

Fishing with kids in Alaska is a great bonding experience. For a younger child, the excitement of getting a bite, hooking a fish and reeling it in is a memorable thrill that will last a lifetime. And the sense of accomplishment that comes with catching a big fish will delight any child, even the “coolest” of teenagers. Alaska is a land rich with fish of many kinds, not to mention the natural splendor and beauty of the wilderness. So buckle up, because we’re going to get into some tips to prepare your kids for a great family fishing trip in... View Article

Pros and Cons of Fishing in a Boat on the River

September 3, 2020

Fishing is a very popular pastime enjoyed by people around the world. People of every age and from every background love to get out on the water and cast their lines for fish. Whether you are an avid fisherman or you’re interested in trying it out for the very first time, you want to do what you can to ensure you have the best experience possible. If you’re thinking about fishing with a boat in a river in Alaska, make sure you know all the pros and cons of this style of fishing to determine whether it’s the right option... View Article

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