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Winter Fishing in Alaska

December 6, 2018

Alaska is a state known throughout the world for its rich natural resources. Some of the state’s most famous and sought-after exports are drawn from its waters. Large, bountiful salmon and other types of fish are pulled from the clean, pristine rivers, lakes and seas of the Last Frontier State. Many people wrongly assume, however, that Alaska’s fishing season ends when the winter arrives. Due in large part to the shorter days, icy conditions and generally unpredictable weather, commercial fishing in Alaska does tend to lull in the winter months. Recreational fishing, however, continues to be a popular activity throughout... View Article

Preparing for an Alaskan Fishing Trip: What You Should Bring

August 30, 2018

Are you prepping for an Alaskan fishing trip? Your journey ahead offers an abundance of excitement, adventure and fun. What should you do to prepare? Specifically, what should go in your suitcase? If you’re unsure what to bring for your fishing expedition in Alaska, use the following guide. This packing list will help ensure you have the items you need to thoroughly enjoy your trip. Luggage: Many fishing charters in Alaska involve rustic settings. Due to these surroundings, duffel bags are often more suitable to the surroundings than luggage sets. For easiest luggage management, try to pack everything in one... View Article

Safety Tips for Late-Night Fishing

July 11, 2018

Just like terrestrial wildlife, aquatic animals behave in unique time-oriented patterns. This means that some fish are much more likely to be active in the daytime. If you’re hoping to engage in a truly unique fishing experience, and land a type of catch that you may not have had the privilege of fishing for in the past, you should try your hand at night fishing with a company specializing in fishing excursions in Alaska. As with all types of fishing, there are a few inherent risks associated with the act of night fishing. Ultimately, however, night fishing is a relatively... View Article

Where You Can Experience Long Winter Nights on Fishing Excursions in Alaska

May 17, 2018

Alaska is known throughout the world as one of the most beautiful places on earth. There are gorgeous natural features to admire, from snowy mountains to massive glaciers to expansive green forests. Alaska is also known for its unique cycles of night and day. Because of its proximity to the North Pole and the earth’s rotation and revolution around the sun, certain parts of Alaska go dark in the winter and the sun doesn’t rise on them again for months. In addition, these parts of Alaska have a phenomenon known as “midnight sun,” where the sun stays in the sky... View Article

Get Ready for Summertime Fun on the Water: Enjoy Phantom Tri-River Charters’ Fishing Excursions in Alaska and More!

May 10, 2017

Summer is right around the corner, which means the time is now to begin planning your long-awaited trip to Alaska. Between Alaska’s rich culture and history, long coastlines, majestic wildlife and long list of exciting activities, there’s plenty to do in whatever your vacation timeframe may be. But what would your trip to Alaska be without exploring its waters? Luckily, whether you’re on a solo or group Alaskan trip, there are many fun activities to partake in on or near the water—including boat cruises, sightseeing and fishing tours. Are you ready to make this summer a time to remember? If... View Article

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