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Best Time Of The Year For A Fishing Trip To Alaska

March 13, 2023

Best Time Of The Year For A Fishing Trip To Alaska When you book your fishing charter in Alaska, it’s important to choose the best time of year. This is based on how busy charters will be, what fish are biting, and the weather. For most species, the best time to fish is in the morning before the sun comes up. This is because fishing is more productive in the morning and many fish will be roaming and feeding. Spring During the spring months, the ice in Alaska’s lakes starts to melt. This means that a lot of the stillwater... View Article

Top 4 Methods for Catching Salmon

February 16, 2023

Salmon fishing charters in Alaska are a fun and enjoyable sport for many an angler. The freshwater setting surrounded by nature provides the perfect backdrop for any recreational fisherman or someone who takes it a bit more seriously. Freshwater fishing can be a relaxing, yet challenging sport. You might wonder how to catch salmon if you’ve never attempted salmon fishing before. Let’s discuss four methods that will teach you the ins and outs of salmon fishing. Trolling The trolling method of salmon fishing involves using a boat that is constantly moving through the water, with a number of weights, divers,... View Article

Casting Tips for Improving Your Technique

February 9, 2023

Unless you use a cane pole with no reel, you will need to learn various casting techniques to put your lure or bait where you need it to go. Fishing conditions vary by location and season, so a few tips for a better cast could help you to land more fish. Whether you are using a baitcasting or a spinning combo during your Alaskan fishing charter, the cast types are mostly the same. So you can use the same types of casts when using spinning or baitcasting fishing gear. The only real differences are in how you handle spinning and... View Article

Fun Things To Do in Alaska

January 19, 2023

Are you going on an Alaskan vacation and looking for fun things to do in Alaska? Between a fishing charter in Alaska, whale tours, and driving a famous highway in Alaska, there are plenty of fun things to do while on vacation. Below is your guide to the area and everything worth checking out! Drive the Alcan Highway While this may not seem exciting, driving this famous highway lets you see how beautiful Alaska is. It runs from Dawson Creek in British Columbia (Canada) to Delta Junction in Alaska. Drive the 1,387 miles and check out different campsites, fire pits,... View Article

Best Safe Practices for Boating or Fishing in Alaska

January 10, 2023

Alaska is an outdoor paradise that poses many natural dangers ranging from the weather to wildlife. Learning what to know before fishing in Alaska literally might save your life. If you are planning a trip to the largest and wildest state for an Alaska fishing charter, the following will help you to enjoy your time and prevent tragedy. File Your Flight Plan If You Intend to Use a Float Plane Float planes are the primary transportation for reaching secluded fishing lodges and campgrounds in Alaska. If you are going to use a float plane to get into and out of your... View Article